Quality Food for Over 20 Years

Pasta Romana is a family company founded in 1996 by Bernard and his sons. Since our beginnings, all our specialties are prepared as at home – and made without any compromise to quality.


Our Delectably Fresh Pastas

At Pasta Romana, we offer a wide variety of fresh pastas. Our expert artisans were trained in Italy and have refined the art of pasta-making down to a savoury science.

Whether you’re planning for a family event or you’re simply wanting to enjoy a good wholesome meal, we have exactly what you need to satisfy your taste buds.

Our Savoury Fresh Sauces

After over 20 years, we at Pasta Romana, have perfected the necessary addition to any plate of pasta; the perfect sauce.

Regardless of the occasion or personal taste, you are sure to find the ideal sauce to complete any dish.

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