Pasta Romana has all the secret ingredients to help develop your Private Label.

  • Recipes created to your specifications: Meeting our clients’ specifications and surpassing their needs is in our DNA.


  • Proven expertise in product development: One look at our unique range of products will convince you that innovation is our byword, so providing you with a distinctive offer is guaranteed.


  • Understanding retail: As an established manufacturer, we fully understand the retail environment, comprehend consumers, and deliver the goods.


  • On top of the trends: From the Italian countryside to supermarket shelves, our R&D team members don’t just follow trends, they help set them!


  • Cutting-edge equipment: One of the reasons we’re so coveted as a supplier is because of our production capacity, in terms of both human resources and technology. It means we always deliver the right product at the right time.


  • Applying the “service” in customer service: Our recipes are not the only traditional thing about us. Our client services are based on old fashion values like caring, accessibility, and paying attention to you.

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